Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Michael McDarby - Associate Professor


Courses Offered:


BIO 170 - Organismal Biology 1 

Online Organismal Biology Text

Old Exam Reference


BIO 171 - General Biology 2 

Old BIO 171 Exams

Online General Biology Text


SCI 135 - Introduction to Biology
(Molecules & Cells)

Online Textbook

Old Exams


SCI 137 - Human Biology  

Spring Sessions

Fall Sessions  

Summer Sessions 


SCI 139 - Intro to Biology (Plants & Animals)

Online Textbook

Old SCI 139 Exams

BIO 273 - Animal Biology

Old BIO 273 Exams


How Do the Three SCI Biology Courses Differ?


Essay - Science Career Preparation -
from High School through College & Graduate School


Laboratory Exercises


Classification Key


Swords & Strategy Fencing Club 

Epee Strategy Guide


Essay - Would Intelligent Extraterrestrials Really Be Humanoid?

Why Your Lake Monster
Is Not a Dinosaur


How Childhood Diseases Evolve


How Cancers Evolve


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Sara McDarby




Spamalot Review

Serenity Preview Review - Non-Spoiler;  Spoilers

Much Ado About Nothing Review


Buffy the Musical Lyrics Page 

Dr. Horribles Lyrics Page 



Information on the FMCC Fencing Club

First Day Lab Placard

Exam Placard

BIO 170


Bug Link

Evolution & Artificial Selection

Francis Collins - Tucker Carlson

SGA entry     Star

Adventures in Snowblowing


ATP Get-together

Old SC135 Exams

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Sara McDarbys Poetry