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Most online textbooks are "webified" versions of the bound paper books, with way too much dense unreadable text, small illustrations and diagrams, and a few "bells and whistles" thrown in to make it seem more modern.  This book has been written specifically for viewing on devices that might have limited connectivity or screen space.  The text is sparse, as to-the-point as can be done with a difficult subject.  When material can be expanded upon, there are links in the column to the right.  The links may be videos, graphics, exercises, or pages that explain and/or expand upon the material.  Links are checked periodically but still may be dead (sometimes temporarily).  Links with intrusive ads are avoided when possible (this is becoming unavoidable on videos, and I have a pop-up blocker, and so I might not see pop-up ads), and I may miss distracting sound issues, as except for videos I find links with my system muted.  Links should open in separate tabs or windows.

As an introductory text for majors, this book is building the concepts and language on which all later biology classes will draw.  If your approach is to absorb just enough to take a test and then forget it, that might very well work for your current marks, but in the future you’ll be having to learn this material all over again.  In the long run, you are better served to actually learn this stuff now.

The book has been written for a specific course, but has been used as a supplemental text by students all around the world.  Its basic biology, but there still might be disagreements between my terminology and explanations and other instructors.

A link to the author's home page, with several links to other online books, all biology intro texts with different slants.

Link to the course for which the book is written, a 2nd-semester majors' course.


General Biology 2 - Molecules and Cells

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