CIVILIZATION V - First Impressions say "Not Good."


Okay, so I'm not a gamer - the only thing I've played with any regularity (or semblance or competence) are the many iterations of CivilizationSo I got the new Civilization 5 pretty quickly, having gotten bored with the AI and options of Number IV.

So far, what can I say about the game except that its unplayable!  First, the install calls up a second install, with no explanation, of Steam (I'm still not sure what Steam is supposed to be).  That install insists that I register in the online community (no opt-out that I could see), but stalls somewhere near the end with no indication what is or isn't active.

But I reboot and get the install prompt again, leading to a put-in-the-product code section with a code longer than would be necessary to issue boxes to every human on the earth.  I open the case, there's the code right there, I put it in, but it won't take it - it wants the game activated first.  Yup, the "up front" code is for something else, the actual code is on the last page of the insert.

But it still doesn't work - all I get is a "play" screen over and over again.  The support page is pretty useless, reinstalling it doesn't work, having steam validate the files (whatever that means) returns a "one file doesn't check, but that's okay (actually, 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired)" message, every "play" iteration just repeats the same option page, and I have to decide whether to just return the thing.  Its an amazing truism that computer software gets worse with every upgrade or new version, and this one is literally worse right out of the box...

Well, now the box just opens and immediately closes, so I guess it's back to the store for it.  Maybe it's defective.

NEXT DAY UPDATE:  Shut down the computer, which thought there was a second user on it.  Suspicious.  Deleted the game and the Steam, but computer thought something else was using Steam, doubly suspicious.  Had to go into the list and stop the Steam process tree to delete it.  Tried again to install, which takes about 20 minutes.  At the end, all that worked were Steam game ads (Really?), even though I had checked the prompt to not show them (Really?  You have to opt OUT?  And it doesn't even work?).  No game, just a brief box flash.  Going to try to swap for another, and I guess start from scratch again.  Not hopeful.

LATER UPDATE:  Another disc still doesn't work.  The IT-expert wife can't get it to work.  A 45-minute wait for the help line reveals that I dont have the right high-end, cutting-edge video card.  For a Civilization game???  I should have expected it, the video stuff in the previous versions has been increasingly useless but obviously being pushed by clueless designers - I guess they never thought to ask what matters in these games.  So I'm stuck, can't take it back, it's useless. 

If you've bought the new game, good luck to you.  If you haven't, you can get a decent dinner for two with that money...






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