BI 171 - First Exam - 2006

Multiple Choice.

Place the letter of the choice that best answers the question on the line to the left.
Two Points Each. NOTE: "e" answers are never the correct answer.

Each question's number is linked to the relevant part of the online book, if possible (some questions relate to multiple sections).


_______ 1.  A washing machine motor and the flagellum of a bacterium have a spinning wheel-in-a-drum
                    action. They are

                        a. Neither analogous nor homologous
                        b. Both analogous and homologous
                        c. Homologous but not analogous
                        d. Analogous but not homologous
                        e. A pretty bizarre pair of examples


_______ 2.  The sequence of DNA to protein, code components to amino acids, is a ratio of

                        a. Three to one             b. Two to one             c. One to two
                        d. Four to one                     e. Some oí this, some oí that


_______ 3.  Darwinís Theory of Natural Selection is often called "Survival of the Fittest," but it really
                    should be called

                        a. Survival of the Strongest                         b. Reproduction of the Fittest
                        c. Progress toward Perfection                     d. Movement toward complexity
                                                e. The idea everyone loves to hate


_______ 4.  The placebo effect is a type of

                        a. Confounding factor                 b. Control test                   c. Statistical manipulation
                        d. Double-blind test                        e. Effect connected to a weird-looking word


_______ 5.  Which is an acceptable species name?

                        a. studentus tremblius             b. collegius Johnstownius            c. Examinus horribilus
Questionus Familiarus                e. Well, at least itís d, even if it isnít d (is it d?)


_______ 6.  The most common form of peer review happens

                        a. During the early design phase
                        b. While an experiment is being performed
                        c. Just after the results are gathered
                        d. When everything has been finished and written up
                        e. Whenever they manage to sneak in and spy on you


_______ 7.  Rates of evolutionary change are dependent on which rates?

                        a. Environmental change and death rate
                        b. Environmental change and reproductive rate
                        c. It is independent of other rates
                        d. Death rate and reproductive rate
                        e. Rate of how fast knowledge decomposes in the brain


_______ 8.  Gaps in the fossil record are mostly related to

                        a. Migration of animals         b. Migration of plants        c. Migration of water bodies
                        d. Volcanoes                                            e. Improper fossil flossing


_______ 9.  Layers of sedimentary rock in different places are linked mostly according to

                        a. Radioactive dating of the minerals                 b. Matching fossil organisms
                        c. Matching grains in the sediments                   d. Magnetic properties
                                e. How nice they look buffed and made into a tabletop


_______ 10.  When DNA is analyzed, which component would have an equal amount to guanine?

                        a. Adenine                         b. Thymine                         c. Uracil
                        d. Cytosine                         e. Eeeny-mine, meeny-mine, miney-mine...


_______ 11.  The groupings of species are determined by

                        a. Reproductive success                         b. Offspring reproduction
                        c. Natural behavior                                d. Physical similarity
                                    e. Some guy, somewhere, who knows who?


_______ 12.  The problem with designing a test involving one cat and one dog is that the results would be

                        a. Anecdotal                 b. Noncomparative                 c. Confounding factors
                        d. Null                                e. Always fighting, numbers against numbers


_______ 13.  Which would be a niche?

                        a. Valley                 b. Top predator                 c. Chipmunk 
                        d. All of these                     e. Drunkís female relative


_______ 14.  If a hawk inherits a hunting territory from it parents, the inheritance is

                        a. Epigenetic                         b. Polyphyletic                         c. Monophyletic
                        d. Emergent                                     e. Not taxable, except in New York


_______ 15.  Which taxonomic approach focuses on when particular features arise during evolution?

                        a. Phylogeny                     b. Traditionalist                     c. Systematics
                        d. Cladistics                             e. Isnít that an accounting term?


_______ 16.  Which is true?

                        a. All cells have cell walls, but only some cells have cell membranes
                        b. All cells have cell membranes, but only some cells have cell walls
                        c. All cells have both cell membranes and cell walls
                        d. Cells have either cell membranes or cell walls, but not both
                        e. Cells are tricky little beasties


_______ 17.  The resolution of a microscope is determined by looking for

                        a. The highest magnification the lenses can get to
                        b. The particular sequence of lenses
                        c. The smallest gap between two objects visible
                        d. The tiniest object that is at all visible
                        e. Someone who can tell you where to look this up


_______ 18.  As a spherical object like a cell increases in size,

                        a. Volume increases at a faster rate than surface area
                        b. Surface area increases at a faster rate than volume
                        c. Both volume and surface area increase at about the same rate
                        d. There is no set relationship between changes in volume and surface area
                        e. It is more likely to be found buying diet food


Short Answer.

Pick NINE questions to answer in the spaces provided.
: if you answer MORE than nine, only the first nine will be corrected.
Four Points each. Partial credit is possible.

1.  Give two examples of indirect observation that are fundamentally different types of observation.


2.  What is a genome?



3.  Briefly explain the reason why each of these steps in microscope specimen preparation is necessary




4.  In what way is a colonial organism like - (and the "simple answers" arenít true)
A unicellular
A multicellular
5.  In science, what does reductionism mean?



6.  Why is descent with modification an important aspect of evolutionary theory?



7.  What is sexual selection?



8.  Put the following groups in order from the smallest to the largest: Class, Family, Genus, Kingdom, Order, Phylum, Species, Suborder, Superclass.
1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9
9.  Lamarck is mostly remembered for two ideas that are now discredited. What were they?


10.  Briefly explain how postmodernism is applied to science.



11.  What are two provisions of the Cell Theory?


12.  Briefly explain why an insertion mutation is much worse than a substitution mutation.



13.  Give an example of qualitative data that has been converted to quantitative data.



14.  What does ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny mean?




Long Answer.

Select and answer completely any four of the following questions.
if you answer more than four, only the first four will be corrected.
Seven Points Each. Partial credit is possible.

1.  For four people or ideas that strongly influenced the development of Darwinís ideas about evolution, give the person or idea and briefly explain what part of Darwinís ideas connect to them.









2.  For each type of reproduction, give...






3.  Name four of the Six "Basic" Kingdoms, and for each list enough traits to make it clearly different from the other five.








4.  Microscopes can be split into two main groups based upon either listed feature. For each feature, name the groups.

Nature of the
Imaging Beam

Interaction of Beam
with specimen

5.  Answer the following about classic Scientific Method:

Two features a good
hypothesis should have

Role served by the
experimental variable

Purpose of the control

6.  When biologists are trying to decide whether viruses are truly alive, these are important:

Two traits viruses have IN COMMON with all living things.



Two traits all living things should have that all viruses do not.



7.  For the four experimental "systems" listed below, give a critical discovery in genetics history that was made using them.





Link to Answer Key


Answer as many or as few as you wish. You can't lose points on the rest of the exam by getting these wrong. Partial credit is possible.

Pick a single feature of Life that should apply to any living thing, anywhere, even on other planets, and explain briefly why it has to be present. Four Points.


What confounding factor exists whenever animal behavior is studied in the environment? Three Points.


What types of organisms did Carolus Linnaeus specialize in? Three Points.


Why does an electron microscope require a vacuum inside it? Three Points.


Other than for research, why did Darwin probably spend so much time shore? Three Points each.


Why did Darwin probably wait so long before publishing his theory of evolution? Three Points.


What was it about chromosomes that made people strongly suspect that they carried genetic information? Three Points.


According to the rules, who can never be awarded a Nobel Prize? Three Points.


What is a knockout mouse? Three Points.





BI 171

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