BI 171 - First Exam - 2008


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Multiple Choice.

Place the letter of the choice that best answers the question on the line to the left.
Two Points Each. NOTE: "e" answers are never the correct answer.

_______ 1.   "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" connects
                        a. Fossils and taxonomy                         b. Genetics and evolution                        c. Fossils and genetics
                        d. Embryos and evolution                                                e. My nightmares with reality

_______ 2.   In testing cats for color blindness, you use different-colored doors, with a reward hidden behind a particular color. The variable of this experiment is
                        a. The different doors                         b. The different colors                         c. The different cats
                        d. The different reactions of the cats                                                e. My interest. No, wait, zero isn't a variable.

_______ 3.   A device that allows researchers to hear bat sonar, which humans can't hear, will provide
                        a. Statistical manipulations                         b. Double blind data                        c. Indirect observations
                        d. Blind data                                                        e. Some odd eavesdropping records

_______ 4.   Under the most recent well-accepted definition, a species can be defined through
                        a. Observations in the field                         b. Genetics testing                        c. Breeding experiments
                        d. Comparing anatomy                                                        e. A good dictionary

_______ 5.   A deletion-type point mutation can be particularly bad because it
                        a. Produces dominant alleles                         b. Produces recessive alleles                        c. Shifts the codon reading frame
                        d. Is carried by a virus                                                        e. Just doesn't care anymore

_______ 6.   In which pairing are the structures homologous but not analogous?
                        a. Bat wing and a butterfly wing                         b. Bat wing and a whale flipper
                        c. Shark tail and a boat propeller                        d. Chameleon blending into background and sting ray covering itself in sand
                                                e. How can an exam like this not come with darts and a dartboard?

_______ 7.   Because of metabolic pathways, most features are
                        a. Recessive traits                         b. Epigenetic                         c. Multiple-gene traits
                        d. Dominant traits                                                 e. Paved over

_______ 8.   An idea about how the world works that used to be thought by fundamentalist Christians to be absolutely contrary the Bible, but isn't any longer:
                        a. Uniformitarianism                         b. Extinction                         c. Catastrophism
                        d. Genetics                                                 e. Can they do that?

_______ 9.   In the current culture of science, an experiment is most likely to go through peer review in which stage?
                        a. Hypothesis-forming                         b. Design                         c. Carrying out the tests
                        d. Publishing the results                                                 e. The most embarrassing time

_______ 10.   If one side of a DNA molecule has the sequence CTAGGACCT, the other side is
                        a. GATCCTGGA                                             b. ccc-ttt-aaa-ggg-ggg-aaa-ccc-ccc-ttt
                        c. CTAGGACCT                         d. TCGAAGTTC                        e. Getting pretty tired of the constant comparisons

_______ 11.   Which is an allowable species name?
                        a. Saria Palina                         b. baraka obama                         c. josephi Bideni
                        d. Johnus mccainius                                 e. Okay, now I'm depressed...

_______ 12.   Dominance is directly produced by
                        a. Variant proteins                         b. Different genes                        c. Different alleles                         d. Variant traits
                                                                                                e. Good self-esteem

_______ 13.   Which term implies that a mistake has been made?
                        a. Control group                         b. Polyphyletic                         c. Cladistics                        d. Epigenetic                         e. Morons

_______ 14.   The two different evolutionary rates are known as
                        a. Adaptive and sexual                         b. Survival and sexual                        c. Punctuated and gradual
                        d. Selected and directed                                                e. The good one and the bad one

_______ 15.   Organisms that are between unicellular and multicellular:
                        a. Colonial                         b. Syncytial                         c. Microbial                        d. Intermediate                         e. Indecisive

_______ 16.   Which is a niche?
                        a. A microenvironment in an ecosystem                        b. Part of a colonial organism
                        c. An adaptive feature                                                 d. A role played by a species in an ecosystem
                                                e. A word that looks French, so we want to forget it

_______ 17.   A control test is an important part of an experiment because
                        a. It allows the experiment to run smoothly                                 b. It provides a valid comparison result
                        c. It provides quantitative results                                                d. All of the above
                                                e. It's what all the most popular experimenters do

_______ 18.   In DNA,
                        a. Every unit translates to 3 units in the protein                        b. Every 2 units translates to 1 unit in the protein
                        c. Every unit translates to 2 units in the protein                        d. Every 3 units translates to 1 unit in the protein
                                                        e. There's stuff and then there's other stuff


Short Answer.

Pick NINE questions to answer in the spaces provided.
NOTE: if you answer MORE than nine, only the first nine will be corrected.
Four Points each. Partial credit is possible.

 1.   According to postmodernism, what are two different types of things that could be influencing science but shouldn't be?


2.   For a long time, DNA was rejected as being able to carry information. Why?


3.   Briefly explain the most widely-accepted explanation for why cells seem to have a maximum size limit.


4.   Why is a uniformitarian approach almost necessary in some cases?


5.   Briefly explain how research with yeast can be impacted by the Human Genome Project.


6.   What are two different features that living things should have, but viruses do not?


7.   The two features that a good scientific hypothesis needs to have -


8.   What is genetic linkage?


9.   What are two features (other than being dead) that the vast majority of fossilized organisms have in common?


10. Define:

11.  What are two provisions of the Cell Theory?

12.   Briefly describe the process of sexual selection.


13.   Put the following groups in order from the largest to the smallest: Class, Family, Genus, Kingdom, Order, Phylum, Species, Subphylum, Superorder.
1. 4. 7.
2. 5. 8.
3. 6. 9.
14.   In an experiment, what is an artifact?


15.   Explain why organisms with high chromosome numbers have more evolutionary potential. Clearly connect the two.


Long Answer.

Select and answer completely any four of the following questions.
Note: if you answer more than four, only the first four will be corrected.
Seven Points Each. Partial credit is possible.


1.   Name four of the Six "Basic" Kingdoms, and for each list enough traits to make it clearly different from the other five.
2.   For the four experimental "systems" listed below, give a critical discovery in genetics history that was made using them.
3.   Microscopes can be split into two main groups based upon either listed feature. For each feature, name the groups.

Nature of the Imaging Beam


Interaction of Beam with specimen

4.  What are four basic features that all living things are supposed to have?






5.   Give the steps that, according to the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, should happen between the steps given.
      (There's no set number, so don't think each line needs to be a step).
The environment around a population changes.

The new population is different enough to be considered a new species.

6.    Before he went on his Beagle voyage, Darwin already had in his head

           concepts that would figure into his theories. Describe three.







7.   Give the following for asexual reproduction -

compared to sexual

compared to sexual

Link to Answer Key

Answer as many or as few as you wish. You can't lose points on the rest of the exam by getting these wrong. Partial credit is possible.

The newest definitions of epigenetic have lost a critical detail from the early definitions - what is it? Three Points.

When a study of clearing rainforest showed more biodiversity after the clearing in the amphibian study subjects, what did the researchers decide they needed to do? Three Points.

What often happens to "Laws" in biology that is not supposed to happen the Laws in physics? Three Points.

Taxonomy connects to two features humans have that are almost compulsive. For Two Points Each, what are they?

What is the major disadvantage to cell walls in multicelled systems? Three Points.

Galapagos iguanas had to adapt to a new environment between the mainland and the islands - what was it? Three Points.

Name a group other than mammals that use unmatched chromosomes to determine gender. Three Points.

How do viruses reproduce? Three Points.

For Three Points Each, give reasons why Rosalind Franklin probably did not receive proper credit for the discoveries she contributed to.



BI 171

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