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Lyrics - Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen

Music - Joss Whedon and Jed Whedon

CAST (Links to Internet Movie Database page for each)

Dr. Horrible - Neil Patrick Harris
Captain Hammer - Nathan Fillion
Penny - Felicia Day
Bad Horse Henchmen Chorus - Nick Towne, Jed Whedon, Robert Reinis
Groupies - Maurissa Tancharoen, Stacy Shirk (Harbert was listed originally on IMDb), Steve Berg
News Anchors - David Fury, Marti Noxon
Moving Guys - Robert Reinis, Michael Boretz




FREEZE RAY    1, 3:39



A MAN'S GOTTA DO...   1, 10:56

ON THE RISE   2, 0:10 / 13:51

THE PHONE CALL   2, 6:00 / 19:49

PENNY'S STORY    2, 7:50 / 21:39

A BRAND NEW DAY    2, 11:22 / 25:12



DR. HORRIBLE'S TRIUMPH   3, 6:16 / 33:14

VICTORY   3, 10:22 / 37:15


Freeze Ray
Dr. Horrible -
















Laundry Day. See you there.

Wanna say "Love your hair."
Here I go (mmmrrhhrr) mum-b-ling.

With my freeze ray I will stop - the world.

With my freeze ray I will find the time to find the words to

Tell you how. How you make.
Make me feel. What's the phrase?

Like a fool. Kinda sick.
Special needs. Anyways.

With my freeze ray I will stop - the pain.

It's not a death ray or an ice beam, that's all Johnny Snow.

I just think you need time to know
That I'm the guy to make it real.
The feelings you don't dare to feel.
I'll bend the world to our will
And we'll make Time stand ... sti - ll.

That's the plan. Rule the world.
You and me. Any day.
Love your hair. (What? No, I, I, I love the air.) Anyway.

With my freeze ray I will stop*

Reply to your application...

Bad Horse
Henchmen -
Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse.

He rides across the nation, The Thoroughbred of Sin.
He got the application that you - just - sent - in.
It needs evaluation, so let the games begin.

A heinous crime, a show of force,
A murder would be nice of course!

Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, He's Bad!

The Evil League of Evil is watching so beware.
The grade that you receive will be your last we swear!

So make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he'll make you his mare.

You're saddled up. There's no recourse. It's Hi-Ho Silver!

Signed Bad Horse.

Street Corner Song
Penny -



Will you lend a caring hand - to shelter those who need it?

Only have to sign your name, don't even have to read it.

Would you help? No? How about you?
A Man's Gotta Do...
Dr. Horrible -



A man's gotta do - what a man's gotta do.
Don't plan the plan if you ca - n't follow through.

All that matters, taking matters into your own hands.
Soon I'll control everything, my wish is your comma*
Captain Hammer -





Stand back, everyone! Nothin' here to see!
Just imminent danger, in the middle of it, me!

Yes, Captain Hammer's here, hair blowing in the breeze!
The day needs my saving expertise!

A man's gotta do - what a man's gotta do.
It seems destiny ends with me saving you.
The only doom that's looming is you loving me to de - ath.
So I'll give you a sec to catch your breath!
Penny -



Thank you, Hammer Man, I don't think I can
Explain how important it is - that you stopped the van.

I would be splattered, I'd be crushed into debris.
Thank you sir for saving m - e.
Captain Hammer - (Spoken) Don't worry about it.
(Singing) A man's gotta do - what a man's gotta do!
Penny -                                                            You came from above!
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                                                                                         Are you kidding?
Captain Hammer - Seems destiny ends with me - saving you.
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                           What heist were you watching?
Penny -                                          I wonder what you're captain of?
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                                                                              Stop looking at her like that!
Captain Hammer - When you're the best you can't rest, what's the use?
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                                     Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?
Penny -                                                    My heart is beating like a drum.
Captain Hammer - An ass needs kicking? Some ticking bomb to defuse?
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                                                           I stopped the van� The remote control was in my hand!
Penny -                                                                Must,           must be in shock.
Captain Hammer - The only doom that's looming is you loving me to death.
Penny -                               Assuming I'm not loving you to death.
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) -                                        Whatev - er!
Both - So please give me a sec to catch my breath.
Dr. Horrible (Spoken) - Balls!

On the Rise

Dr. Horrible -







Any dolt with half a brain
Can see that humankind has gone insane.
To the point where I don't know if I'll upset the status quo
If I throw poison in the water main.

Listen close to everybody's heart
And hear that breaking sou - nd.
Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground.

I cannot believe my eyes
How the world's filled with filth and lies!
But it's plain to se - e evil inside of me
Is on the ri - - se.
Penny -






Look around, we're living with the lost and found.
Just when you feel you've almost drowned
You find yourself on solid ground.
And you believe there's good in everybody's heart.
Keep it safe and sou - nd.
With hope you can do your part
To turn - a life - around.

I cannot believe my eyes!
Is the world finally growing wise?
Because it seems to m - ean some kind of harmony
Is on the ri - - se.
Dr. Horrible (together) - Anyone with half a brain             could spend their whole life howling in pain.
Penny (together) - Ta - ke it slow.                   He looks at me and seems to know.
Penny  (together)- The things that I'm afraid to show, and suddenly I feel this glow,
Dr. Horrible  (together) -                                   But the dark is everywhere and Penny doesn't seem to care
That soon the dark in me is all that will remain.
Penny  (together)- And I believe there's good in everybody's heart. Keep it safe and sound.
Dr. Horrible  (together) -                        Listen close to everybody's heart, and hear that breaking sound.
Penny  (together)- With hope you can do your part,            to turn a life around.
Dr. Horrible  (together) - Hopes and dreams are shattering apart and crashing to the ground.
Dr. Horrible  (together) - I cannot believe my eyes how the world's filled with filth and lies,
Penny  (together)- I cannot believe my eyes how the world's finally growing wise,
Dr. Horrible  (together) - But it's plain to se - - e evil insi - de of me
Penny  (together) -     And it's plain to se - e                rapture inside of me
Both - Is on the ri - se.
The Phone Call
Bad Horse Henchmen - He saw the operation you tried to pull today,
But your humiliation means he still votes, "Neigh!"
And now assassination is just the only wa - y.

There will be blood, it might be yours,
So go kill someone!

Signed Bad Horse
Penny's Story
Penny -







Here's a story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely,
Thinking love was fairy tales and trouble was made only  - for me.

Even in the darkness every color can be found.
And every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground!

Grief replaced with pity for a city barely coping,
Dreams are easy to achieve if hope is all I'm hoping to be.

Anytime you're hurt there's one who has it worse around.
And every drop of rain will keep you growing seeds you're sowing in the ground!

So keep your head up Billy, buddy...
A Brand New Day
Dr. Horrible -



















This appeared as a moral dilemma
�Cause at first it was weird though I swore to eliminate
The worst of the plague that devoured humanity
It's true I was vague on the How
So how can it be that you - have shown me the light?

It's a brand new day!
And the sun is high!
All the birds are singin' that you're gonna die!

How I hesitated,
Now I wonder why?
It's a brand new day!

All the times that you beat me unconscious I'll forgive
All the crimes incomplete, listen honestly I'll live.
Mr. Cool, Mr. Right, Mr. Knowitall is through
Now the future's so bright and I owe it all to you - who showed me the light!

It's a brand new me,
I've got no remorse!
Now the water's rising but I know the course!
I'm gonna shock the world,
Gonna show Bad Horse!
It's a Brand New Day!

And Penny will see the Evil Me,
Not a joke, not a dork, not a failure.
And she may cry but her tears will dry
When I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia!

It's a brand new day!
Yeah the sun is high,
All the angels sing because you're gonna die!

Go ahead and laugh,
Yeah, I'm a funny gu - y!
Tell everyone goodby - e!

It's a brand new day!
Captain Hammer's Call to Glory
Loading Dock Guy - So they say Captain Hammer's become a crusader,
Political. He's cleaning up the streets. (Other guy - It's about time!)
First Groupie - So they say  that it's real love!
3 Groupies - So romantic!
2nd Groupie (Holding up 8x10 glossy) - He signed this!
Penny - So they say we'll have blankets and beds,
We can open by Monday, thanks to you!
(Captain Hammer - Thanks to me!)
News Anchors - It's the perfect story!
David Fury anchor - So they say!
Marti Noxon anchor - A hero leading the way!
News anchors - Hammer's Call to Glory!
Marti Noxon anchor - Let's all be our best!
David Fury anchor - Next up, who's gay?
3rd Groupie - So they say he saved her life.
1st Groupie - They say she works with the homeless,
And doesn't eat meat.
We have a
Other 2 join -                   problem with her!
2nd Groupie - This is his hair!
Captain Hammer - This is s - o nice, I just might sleep with the same girl twice!
They say it's better the second time,
They say you get to do the we - ird stuff.
3 Groupies - We do the weird stuff!
Penny - This is perfect for me, so they say.
I guess he's pretty okay.
After years of stormy sailing
Have I finally found the ba - y?
Dr. Horrible and Penny - There's no happy ending, so they say!
Dr. Horrible - Not for me, anyway.
Penny & Dr. Horrible on 3rd word - Should I stop pretending?
Dr. Horrible - Take a chance to build a brand new day?
Penny (together) - Or is this a brand, new day?
3rd Groupie - This is his dry cleaning bill!
3 groupies - Four sweater vests!
Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way
Captain Hammer -
















It may not feel too classy, begging just to eat,
But you know who does that? Lassie!
And she always gets a treat!
So you wonder what your part is, �cause you're homeless, and depressed.
But home is where the heart is, so your real home's in your chest!

Everyone's a hero in their own way!
Everyone's got villains they must face!
They're not as cool as mine, but folks you know it's fine to know your pla - ce!

Everyone's a hero in their own way!
In their own not-that-heroic way!

So I thank my girlfriend, Penny!
(Yeah, we totally had sex!)
She showed there're so many muscles I can flex!
There's the deltoids of compassion, there's the abs of being kind,
It's not enough to bash in heads, you've got to bash in minds!

Everyone's a hero in their own way!
Everyone's got somethin' they can do!
Get up, go out, and fly - especially that guy! He smells like po - o!
Everyone's a hero in their own way!
You, and you, and mostly me! - And you!

I'm poverty's new sheriff. And I'm bashing in the slums.
A hero doesn't care if you're a bunch of scary al - co - holic bums!


Everyone's a hero in their own way!
Everyone can blaze the hero's trail!
Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' �tard
You will preva - il!
Everyone's a hero in their own way!
Everyone's a hero in thei -

Dr. Horrible's Triumph

Dr. Horrible -



















Look at these people, amazing how sheep 'll
Show up for the slaughter!
No one condemning, you lined up like lemmings,
You leapt to the water!

Why can't they see what I see?
Why can't they hear the lies?
Maybe the fee's too pricey for them to realize
Your disguise is slipping!
I think you're slipping!

Now that your savior is still as the grave you're
Beginning to fear me!
Like cavemen fear thunder, I still have to wonder,
Can you really hear me?

I bring you pain, the kind you can't suffer quietly!
Fire up your brain, remind you inside your rioting
Society is slipping!
Everything's slipping away, so -

Go ahead! Run away! Say it was Horrible!
Spread the word! Tell a friend! Tell them the tale!
Get a pic! Do a blog! Heroes are over with!
Look at him! Not a word! Hammer, meet nail!

Then I win! Then I get everything I ever -
All the cash! All the fame! - And social change!
Anarchy! That I run! It's Dr. Horrible's turn!
You people all have to learn! This world is going to burn!
Burn! (Yeah, it's 2 "r's," "h-o-r-r") Burn!

No sign of Penny - good, I would give
Anything not to have her see.
It's gonna be bloody, head up Billy buddy,
There's no time for mercy.
Here goes no mercy!



Dr. Horrible -








Here lies everything, the world I wanted
At my feet! My victory's complete!
So Hail to the King! (Chorus: Everything you ever..)
Arise and si - ng!

So your world's benign, so you think Justice has a voice,
and we all have a choi - ce,
Well, now your world is mine! (Chorus: Everything you ever..)
And I am fi - ne!

Now the nightmare's real! Now Dr. Horrible is he - re!
To make you quake with fe - ar,
To make the whole world kneel! (Chorus: Everything you ever..)
And I won't fe - el

A thing.




Lyrics to "Once More With Feeling," the Buffy Musical.



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