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On a separate sheet of paper, answer the following questions for each of five different slides.

Question 1.

Write down what the slide label says. "Homemade" slide labels will list the organ type and animal, often the preservative used, how the slide was stained, and the person who made the slide, with possible the date. Manufactured slides usually have the manufacturer's name on the slide.

Question 2.

What does the organ or structure do in the body? Sometimes this is given in the handout, but for many you're expected to have some idea of the function(s).

Question 3.

The handout will tell you what tissue types are found in the organ or structure. Explain how each tissue individually contributes to the functions of there. For this, you'll need to know what sorts of tissues are in there, and the different types of jobs that each tissue can do - they won't be doing every possible job in one place.

Question 4.

You need to draw a simple diagram of some part of the slide section that shows at least two different types (or subtypes). The diagram should be labelled with all recognizable tissue types (or subtypes).


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