Lab - Disease Organisms


As has been covered in class, diseases are commonly caused by the actions of living invaders. There are several different grouping for these living things, and many different diseases that they can cause.


To do this lab, you’ll need an Information Booklet. These are to stay in the lab - return it when you are done with it.


There are several examples available for each group. When you pick something up, make sure that you can see it well enough to do your drawing before answering the question. You’ll do one virus (no drawing - they’re too small to be seen), one bacterium, two protozoans, two flatworms (helminths), and two roundworms (nematodes). For each, answer the questions fully and do the drawing.


Questions for Each Disease Organism:

Question 1.

What is the name (species name) of the organism?


Question 2.

What disease or type of disease do these organisms cause?


Question 3.

Disease symptoms are caused, directly or indirectly, by the organisms. How do the actions of the organisms produce the symptoms of the disease?


Question 4.

How exactly does the organism make its way from one victim to the next? (This is its mode of transmission)


Question 5.

How can the spread of this organism be prevented or minimized?


Question 6.

Sketch an individual or mating pair of these organisms. Label any recognizable structures.



Written, M. McDarby, 1992.  Last Update, 2005.  Uploaded, 2005.




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