SCI 135 - First Exam Fall 2017

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On the line to the left, place the letter of the choice that best answers the question.
Three Points Each. NOTE: "e" answers are never the correct answer.

            1.  Our best current way of deciding if a group is a separate species involves

_______    a. Comparing DNA                                    b. Observing behavior in natural conditions
                c. Attempting to breed group members         d. Attempting to breed hybrid offspring
                        e. Calling them by different names and seeing if they come over

            2.  The null hypothesis is the basic idea that the working hypothesis is

_______    a. Not testable         b. Not logical         c. Not proven        d. Wrong
                                                e. Not getting enough Likes

            3.  Most fossils are of ________ that died _______.

_______    a. Animals…in shallow water                         b. Animals and plants…in shallow water
                c. Animals…in rocky but forested regions        d. Animals and plants…in rocky but forested regions
                                                e. Really cool things…before I could try eating them

            4.  Which involves second-level energy transformation?

_______    a. Virus formation         b. Respiration        c. Sexual reproduction         d. Photosynthesis
                                                            e. Another can of Red Bull

            5.  The role of chance as a confounding factor can be reduced by

_______    a. Using many subjects        b. Peer review of results        c. Making measurements quantitative
                d. Statistical manipulation of data            e. Just ignoring it and hoping it goes away

            6.  Cows as a species are not considered to be colonial. Which of these is a good explanation for why not?

_______    a. Cows are multicellular                                             b. Cows can live as individuals       
                c. Cows in a herd are all doing the same thing                d. Cows are animals
                                e. Cows do not have flags and do not invade other pastures

            7.  The placebo effect is considered an artifact because

_______    a. It can be effectively measured                            b. It is a product of the testing process
                c. People have been seeing it for a long time            d. Of all of these reasons
                                        e. It likes to have a cool-sounding name

            8.  In chemosynthesis, the main type of energy used is

_______    a. Heat         b. Glucose         c. Electrons        d. Light         e. Red Bull

            9.  Radioactivity is associated with _____, chemistry with _______.

_______    a. Electron…neutrons         b. Neutrons…electrons        c. Electrons…protons
                d. Neutrons…protons                e. Superheroes…classes people are afraid of

            10. One criticism of science conducted in China is that young researchers are unwilling
                        to present or test ideas if they disagree with those of older, more established scientists.
                        This is an example of

_______    a. Peer negation         b. Counterscience        c. Postmodernism         d. Qualitative negation
                                                    e. Why old people are really annoying

            11.  Molecular clocks are used by calculating with

_______    a. Point mutations of DNA         b. Half-lives of isotopes        c. Numbers of neutrons
                d. Numbers of new species                  e. What kind of alarm would wake a molecule

            12. The typical number of offspring for a species is linked to

_______    a. Classification of group         b. Survival chances of offspring        c. Local conditions
                d. Survival chances of parents            e. How many can be carried on the cell-phone plan

Answer any eight of the following questions for 4 Points Each.

Note: if you answer more than eight, only the first eight will be corrected.
You can get partial credit on these answers.

1.  What are two different categories that an observation can be made that aren’t just a direct experience of the observer’s senses?


2.  Put the following groups in order from the largest to the smallest:  Class, Family, Genus, Kingdom, Order, Phylum, Species, Subphylum, Superorder.
1 4 7
2 5 8
3 6 9

3.  Objects that are more than 50,000 years old cannot be reliably analyzed by carbon dating. Why not?

4.  Redi’s first meat-to-maggots experiment was not accepted. What was the criticism that made him change his design?

5.  What, in order, are the basic levels of a food chain?


6.  Briefly explain how asexual reproducers can have sexual selection.

7.  In drug tests, briefly explain what is meant by -

8.  How does convergent evolution work?

9.  In studies of metabolism, what feature is actually being tracked?

10. If a scientist believes that a group is not classified properly -
What are
they easily
allowed to do?
What are
they generally
not allowed
to do?

11.  Put in order these levels of organization within individual organisms, small to large:
                       cells, organs, organ systems, tissues.


12. What are two general circumstances that pretty much force a study to be done as a field test?


13. Briefly explain “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.”

14. What, technically, is a gene?

15. What are two particular features of disease-causing viruses that make it difficult to develop drugs to eliminate them?


Answer any four of the following questions for Eight Points Each.
Note: if you answer more than four, only the first four will be corrected.
You can get partial credit on these answers.
1.   Put these in order so that each later level contains the earlier ones:  Community, Ecosystems, Individuals, Populations.


2.   Give the following for sexual reproduction -



compared to asexual


compared to asexual


3.    Give two different rules that apply to each in binomial nomenclature:







4.  What are three different things that can be compared based on homologies and used to determine relatedness for classification?


5.  Answer the following about classic Scientific Method:
Two features a good
hypothesis should have
Role served by the
experimental variable
Purpose of the
control test


6.   For four of the six basic Kingdoms of Life, give the name of the Kingdom and enough features to clearly set that Kingdom's members apart from those of the other five.





7.   All for the most common isotope –




# 8

Column 6

How many

How many

How many electrons in
outermost level?

How many
electrons total? (Uncharged form)

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Answer as many as you are able. Wrong answers will not result in points being lost from the main exam. You can get partial credit on these answers.

No one knew that there was a second major method of first-level energy transformation until it was found in ecosystems at what location? Three Points.

What is the function of ATP? Three Points.

There are two major features of viruses that make it difficult to treat a viral infection. What are they? Three Points Each.

What did Einstein need to have happen to study his hypothesis about gravity? Three Points.

Why did a study find aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients? Three Points.

When human cells are produced as lab cultures, what do they become better at (Three Points), and what do they become worse at (Three Points)?

What discoveries made people think that there must be “dragons” beyond the map of known regions? Three Points.

What classification level is officially on the list, but we ignored it because it’s used too confusingly? Three Points.

What features of elements were used to construct the first versions of the Periodic Table? Three Points.

In old dead things, what element does the radioactive C14 decay into? Three Points.


SCI 135 

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