SCI 137 Human Biology Take-Home Exams
Advice Page

Start Early and Pace Yourself -
Doing a few a day will get it done.  Waiting until the last day will NOT get it done!

Use the proper class materials -
Do NOT try to find the answers on the internet, except for the online handouts.
The questions are written specifically for answers in the notes, handouts, book, and lab materials.

Answer fully but not too much.
Many questions are multi-part or ask for a set number of things.
Don't overanswer, or it will seem that you only sort of know where the answer is but not WHAT it is.

Put TWO numbers on each answer.
One will be the number of the question, and the other will be a running count of how many questions you've answered.

You can check answers with Professor McDarby before the exam is due.