Pandemic Protocols for Class –
Fall 2021




Vaccinations –

These are the classes where you’ll learn how these things actually work, but the bottom line is that they do work – they prime your immune system (after a couple of weeks post-jab) to recognize and attack COVID-2 coronaviruses before they can get set up in your system.  We are requiring vaccinations for students because of this.  However, immunity is one of the most variable systems that people have, so the efficiency won’t be the same for everybody.  The vast majority of us will be completely immune:  the new viruses just can’t get to our cells.  A small fraction of vaccinated folks will get enough active virus to test positive on a test, but won’t have any symptoms (and are probably not able to infect others). A tiny fraction will have symptoms, and almost no one will be sick enough to require hospitalization, and no deaths have been conclusively tied to COVID in a fully-vaccinated person.  The possible vaccine side effects are almost exclusively just annoying, you’re more likely to win a big Lotto payoff than to have a serious vaccine side effect. 

Not everyone can get vaccinated – exceptions often are for people who are particularly vulnerable to COVID and an assortment of other infections.  Vaccination in us protects them (and reduces the evolution of new virus strains).  If you’re wondering, Mr.McDarby has hybrid immunity, apparently the best there is.  That will get explained in class as well.

Classes –

Lectures will be streamed, so there will be a camera set up;  students accessing this system need to be online while class goes on.  Keep in mind that students are expected to attend lectures and labs in person.  If you have some reason that keeps you from doing this, notify Mr. McDarby in advance to get the information you’ll need to access the streaming content.  Missing lab time is especially problematical and can require quite the song-and-dance to adjust for.  Lab and lectures are held in the same room (which would not be true for a “normal” semester) because of the streaming setup.

As of the end of August, we are reinstituting mask mandates for shared indoor spaces and close-contact outdoor spaces.  During lectures, the lecturers will be unmasked to aid clarity for streaming.