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  In the Moment  

I am
        in this moment

        regardless that
                in 60 minutes
I will be at work.

                I do

                a right
                                to relax

in this moment
        while cars roll by me

                I glide to the office.

40 more minutes
                        till I arrive

        I'll be there
whether or not
                I spend my now

worrying about parking
                where there is none.

in 30 minutes
                the drive will be


                even if I stop trying

to think ahead
        - if I get there
at this time
        - I can leave
                        at that time

- be home by...
                        make the dinner

get to the boy scouts
                How much homework

will he have?

        Adding the half hours,

whole hours
                trying to squeeze
what I can in

                I could squander
this moment of quiet

                        10 more minutes...


My time alone

rolling through
                        the commute

        planning a day

                        that won't

        run according to plan


I don't have to.





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